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Hello & Welcome to Fanciiful Blog

Fan·ci·ful, (adj) \ˈfan(t)-si-fəl\

:  marked by fancy or unrestrained imagination rather than by reason and experience

Fanciiful is a celebration of when hands are finally given license to manifest all the ideas that once existed only in the imagination. It is a creative outlet for those with abiding interest in better home living but never thought there was time to indulge. It is inspiration to help add a little more soul, sensibility, style and originality to your everyday. It is giving a fresh voice to those inspiration seekers and creative doers who generally go unrepresented. It is a destination for the shared love of cooking, creating, hosting, exploring and growing.


My name is Alicia and I initially created this blog in 2015 to chronicle my journey to becoming a more fearlessly creative home cook. While this remains a huge part of this blog, a bit of self-exploration has grown in me the appetite to combine many of my passions in one space. In addition to interesting, flavor-packed, delicious recipes, you will find simple, modern, handmade projects for the home. You will also find practical ideas for entertaining and hosting, along with approachable inspiration for you to flourish at home.

I thank you for visiting my tiny space in the blogosphere and do hope you stay a while. Please feel free to to share your thoughts and ideas with me by either visiting my contact page or leaving a comment under a blog post. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more interaction and inspiration.


A Little More About Me

I'm a Southern girl, born and raised in a small, culturally rich town in Alabama. I spent many formative post-graduate years living and exploring in central Virginia and now call the beautiful Pacific Northwest home.

In my daily 9-to-5 life I am a scientist, but have always dreamed of more creative pursuits. Every chance I get I am looking for an excuse to use my hands to create, especially when it comes to event planning and design. I’m a food enthusiast - with interests in everything from cooking, eating, restaurant hunting and food travel, to spending a crazy amount of time exploring the shelves of new grocery stores. I am most inspired by random ingredients that are new to me, as well as cultural cuisine experienced during travel.

More randomness: I am obsessed with cashews, dance crew videos on Youtube, pretty shoes, my fur baby Kenzo, the sound of rain, red lipstick, Outkast's Aquemini, wanderlust, mangos, Google Maps, dystopian fiction, The Sims, Korean fried chicken, bargain shopping, linen bedding, giggling, used books, chocolate toffee, autumn, horror movies, street food, waterfalls, and FKA Twigs' baby hair :)